Are Smart Watches the Future?

Google Android Wear

Recently Google announced to the public Android Wear, this promises to bring the familiar; well trusted mobile OS to our watches with sleekness; features; and compatibility for all android devices unlike its competitors like Samsung which has a a nice display but only works on Samsung devices and pebble which works on all android devices but has little features. So can we expect the future to be a place where it is a norm to have a smart watch or will it be a be an utter bomb similar to the newton. Are the manufacturers who are making these watches just hyping them up so much that us the public start to think that they really are the future or is it a genuine idea that could really work?


Let’s look at some negatives:

  1. Cost; At the moment if you were to want to get a decent watch you would have to take a whole load of greens out of your wallet.
  2. Bulk; These watches store a punch and they need room for that so they are usually quite heavy and large.
  3. Battery; Normal with a usual watch you don’t have to replace the battery for more than a year but unless you get a low feature watch like the Pebblepebble your charging your watch every night.

Alright now the positives:

  1. Work/School; Let’s face it if you are at school or work and you are not so-posed to have a cell phone at least you can see if your latest text is important.
  2. Accessibility; These devices hold a lot of potential to allow you to quickly  check your updates without having to remove your phone from your pocket or where ever you store it.
  3. Customization; With a normal watch your stuck with how the display looks but a smart watch can have its theme changed and it can always get new features as developers make more apps for them, try to get your Rolex to learn something new!

Nerd Factor; This is a new part of my posts where i am going to rate the neediness of the topic we talk about in the article. In my humble opinion I vote the nerd factor to be 6/10 


If you are wondering if you want to get a smart watch the decision is up to you. You need to ask yourself if you are really going to be using it in your day to day life. I believe that if you are a person who has a lot of tech; social networking and cellphones in your life this is a good investment. If you find yourself hardly looking at notifications on your computer or phone throughout the course of the day then a smart watch is not for you.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

I hope you enjoyed my first proper blog post; if you have any thoughts or ideas onmy style or my topic please post them in the comments below. It means a lot to us!


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