Is the New Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z Really Worth It?

Recently Nvidia released their latest and greatest graphics card, the Titan Z. This is the most powerful graphics card that they sell, and it is a lot more powerful than anything AMD has to offer. It has almost double the performance of the regular Titan, but it also cost three times more. It has a massive 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 video memory on a 384-bit x2 memory interface, and two GK-110 chips with 2880 CUBA cores on each. This means that altogether this beast of a card has 5760 cores. It is the first card that is truly ready for 5k gaming!

Yet a lot of people are hesitant about buying this card. Because Directx 12 is coming out in an estimated year and a half, the Titan Z is not optimized for it. It will still work with it, but since the card was not built for it, you will not be getting the best possible performance with DirectX 12. So even if you have the $3000 to buy this card, a lot of people fear that in a a year and a half it will be irrelevant. So what I would do, would be to save my money, until the new cards come out, will full Directx 12 support, and then buy a graphics card.

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