Combining CSS Selectors

A while ago when I was helping someone fix their code, I noticed that their selectors were combined wrong. This meant that their code didn’t work properly, so the rules nested under that selector weren’t working. So, I thought I would teach whoever doesn’t know how yet how to do it through my website. Let’s get into this! What Does it Mean? What I mean by combining selectors is using multiple selectors to reference the same element. For example, using both the element name and a class name to reference an element. You might be wondering what the use of Continue reading

How to Use the All-New CSS Variables

Yes, variables have finally come to vanilla CSS. CSS is a language that is getting more and more dynamic all the time, though it originally was a purely static language. However, it is getting more and more dynamic all the time, with animations, transitions, media queries, and more. CSS variables have been a much longed for thing among web developers. We have tools such as SASS now to help us with some of CSS’s shortcomings, but they require compiling before it is ready for the web. Now we can finally use them in vanilla CSS. Browsers are just starting to Continue reading

Is the New Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z Really Worth It?

Recently Nvidia released their latest and greatest graphics card, the Titan Z. This is the most powerful graphics card that they sell, and it is a lot more powerful than anything AMD has to offer. It has almost double the performance of the regular Titan, but it also cost three times more. It has a massive 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 video memory on a 384-bit x2 memory interface, and two GK-110 chips with 2880 CUBA cores on each. This means that altogether this beast of a card has 5760 cores. It is the first card that is truly ready for Continue reading

The History and Future of CSS Triangles

Why would we want CSS triangles? The main thing is adding a bit of angular lines to otherwise square websites. I’m not saying that square is a bad thing, but every site should have something to make it stand out from the competition. CSS triangles are not nonexistent, but they have some serious limitations. You might be wondering what I mean. It is possible to make a triangle with purely CSS. No, there aren’t any attributes for it at the moment, but you can make one “by hand”: .bottom-left-triangle { display: block; width: 0px; height: 0px; border-left: 5px solid #000; Continue reading

Are Smart Watches the Future?

Smart Watch

Recently Google announced to the public Android Wear, this promises to bring the familiar; well trusted mobile OS to our watches with sleekness; features; and compatibility for all android devices unlike its competitors like Samsung which has a a nice display but only works on Samsung devices and pebble which works on all android devices but has little features. So can we expect the future to be a place where it is a norm to have a smart watch or will it be a be an utter bomb similar to the newton. Are the manufacturers who are making these watches just Continue reading